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Buckingham Palace Trivia

Posted by Marilyn on January 10, 2008

40 facts you’ve probably wondered/not wondered about Buckingham Palace. Interesting nonetheless.

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What’s Andrew Morton up to these days?

Posted by Marilyn on January 9, 2008

Ever wondered what Andrew Morton, of Diana, Her True Story fame, is writing these days?

Now that he’s milked Diana’s story, he’s moved on to Suri Cruise.

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Looks matter, don’t let anyone tell you different

Posted by Marilyn on November 22, 2007

I think I have a problem. I’m obsessed with blogging. I’m constantly thinking about writing, what I’m going to write. My most recent obsession is The Kate Middleton Report. I have a hard time concentrating on my other blogs because of it. I find that I spend a lot of time searching for material for this blog. I don’t know why I’m focusing so much on it. Maybe because of all of my blogs, the Kate Middleton one looks the nicest?

Now that I’ve changed the template for this one I think it’s a close second. But Marilyn’s Royal Blog needs an overhaul. It was my first blog, I’m sentimental to it, but it just doesn’t look the way I want it to. So I find myself gravitating to the Kate Middleton one.

Hopefully I can start to focus on Marilyn’s Royal Blog again (and this one), get into a pattern of posting more frequently.

Thanks to everyone who regularly visits my blogs. Know that I am trying!

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From the royal files of ewwww and yuck…

Posted by Marilyn on February 3, 2007

Today I happened to catch a headline that said that pieces of Queen Victoria’s wedding cake will go on display. Food and royalty can be a fascinating subject and I’m all for seeing royal memorabilia, but not when it’s a 167 year old piece of food.

As unbeliveable as the announcement that Charles and Camilla were actually getting married, I had to search out the story to find out if it was actually true and not some cruel joke inflicted on royal watchers. Indeed it is. And that it’s part of a larger exhibit to commemorate the 60th Wedding Anniversary of the Queen and Prince Philip, who were married on November 20th, 1947.

Luckily this cake will be displayed in its original box and will not be opened to see how long fruitcake can be preserved. Hmmm…let’s think on the bright side here…it might be good to know how long fruitcake will last – think of the re-gifting possibilities!

As long as we don’t have to find out how it tastes.

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But seriously folks…

Posted by Marilyn on February 3, 2007

When I write an article, for the most part, I try to be as accurate as possible in what I include in it. Although many of the articles I write are meant to be informative, occasionally I will write satirical stuff. And I’m always amazed when someone makes a serious comment in reply to these articles. I’ve had three instances where this has occured, most recently with Is Prince William a style icon? Now, I would think that some of the examples I listed in that article would make it obvious that it’s satire but by the comment I received it isn’t.

Not to put anyone on the spot, but two other examples are: 638th in line for the British throne, and The Queen’s To Do list for Christmas. I actually received a comment on the first one (via email), from someone who believed that I was actually in line for the throne (that position is currently occupied by Victor Burnett – don’t ask me why or who that is). Maybe that particular article might be borderline but I would hope that the Queen’s To Do list would be taken in the spirit that it was meant – a light hearted look at things the Queen would probably never do at Christmas time, like wrap 550 employee gifts.

Maybe my sense of humor is different from most people – that’s the only way I can really explain it otherwise. For the most part I hope people understand that sometimes a joke is just a joke – even if I’m the only one who gets it.

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