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The Royal Report for Sunday July 31, 2011 – Can Sarah Ferguson rehabilitate her image?

Posted by Marilyn on July 31, 2011

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York is much maligned in the media for her actions. With last year’s cash for access scandal, it seems that she had hit an all-time low. Now that she has a new docu-series and book called ‘Finding Sarah’ will this help to rehabilitate her public image or contribute to its further decline?

Listen to the episode here: Can Sarah Ferguson rehabilitate her public image?

Publications mentioned

Hello! Canada Weekly No 225 25 July 2011

Hello! Canada Weekly No 226 8 August 2011

Vanity Fair – The Trouble With Andrew by Edward Klein

From My Royal Collection

Finding Sarah: A Duchess’s Journey to Find Herself

My Story by Sarah, Duchess of York

Tune in to the next episode of The Royal Report for Sunday August 7, 2011 at 9:00PM EST (North America).

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