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Upcoming Royal Report: Should Chelsy Davy check it before she wrecks it?

Posted by Marilyn on July 20, 2008

Tune in live to the next Royal Report on Sunday July 20th, 2008 9:00PM EST (North America).

The topic will be: Some recent photos of Chelsy Davy have appeared in the media showing her looking less than sober with her friends. Should she ‘check herself before she wrecks herself?’ or should we just mind our own business?

2 Responses to “Upcoming Royal Report: Should Chelsy Davy check it before she wrecks it?”

  1. harietta said

    I didn’t notice you making headlines of how Kate should check it when she has walked out of Bars, Clubs looking totally drunk. Nor do you mention that Kate wooed William while wearing Underwear on the University runway.
    Chelsy has done no worse , she is simply laughing and being tickled. I like the Law Student Chelsy much better than fake, do nothing Kate Middleton. I truly hope William wises up and moves on from that hanger on with little personality and no goals, except waiting for William to give her a ring.

  2. Marilyn said

    Harietta, I am commenting on the photos that were published of Chelsy not on her behavior itself. There’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing. She’s young, she’s going to party – great. Good for her. The media had no right to publish those photos of her. But they will anyways because that’s what the media portrays her as. She could be the most wonderful person in the world, but the media doesn’t want us to see it that way.

    I haven’t seen any photos of Kate drunk. And I’m paying a lot of attention because of The Kate Middleton Report – which is all about her. If such photos exist then she is being just as normal as Chelsy. I would hardly call her running down the runway in her underwear a crime, as far I can see, that’s the only public instance of her doing so. Good for her because some people might choose to hold it against her for a long time. No different than what people who dislike Chelsy do when they see drunken photos of her. I personally don’t think Chelsy is royal bride material – maybe because of the media coverage of her. That’s my opinion. But those photos do not reflect Chelsy as she really is, nor should they be held against her. In effect, it was an invasion of her privacy. We have no right to judge her. That’s the point of the show.

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