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Upcoming Royal Report – Date & Time change

Posted by Marilyn on March 30, 2008

The next Royal Report will be on Tuesday April 1, 2008 (no joke!). I will post the podcast widget once the show is done.

The topic will be: What’s wrong with wanting to be a princess? Feminists decry little girls dressing up in Disney Princess Costumes, but is there really anything wrong with it?

One Response to “Upcoming Royal Report – Date & Time change”

  1. A quick comment from one of those feminists: there is nothing wrong with dressing up like a princess. The problems comes when girls have no other real choices in what they play because every single toy or game (at least here in the U.S.) is about being a Disney princess. (And every t-shirt, snack, linen, toothpaste, backpack, notebook, bike, etc. etc.)

    I’d just like see some other options, too.

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