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Upcoming Royal Report – Should Kate Middleton propose to Prince William?

Posted by Marilyn on February 22, 2008

The next Royal Report will be on Sunday February 24th, 2008.

5:00PM PST (8:00PM EST)

The topic will be: According to one report, 15 million people would like Kate Middleton to get down on bended knee and propose to Prince William this leap year.

Should she propose? Or should she wait for William to pop the question?

3 Responses to “Upcoming Royal Report – Should Kate Middleton propose to Prince William?”

  1. Susanne said

    She needs to behave like a lady, and wait to be asked. If the Prince wants to really marry her he will ask her. Why should he buy the cow when he can get the milk for free? Nothing against Kate, she seems quite lovely, but she should keep her private life private. I hope that He does ask her to marry him, but will be will be.

  2. amy said

    she proposed already, but got rejected!

  3. Joanne, Edinburgh said

    If Kate was the one to pop the question, it sounds a bit desperado, don’t cha think? Especially since she’s in the public eyes BECAUSE of Will, it doesn’t look all that good.
    I don’t hate Kate. But does she have my respect? With all the stories, falling of skates at the charity event, lying with her legs akimbo.. I seriously doubt that I do.
    I always hoped Wills would find someone who could at least lead him rather than just hanging on to him.
    I’m sure things would be way different if Diana was still around~~

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