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Sometimes my interest in royalty steers me wrong

Posted by Marilyn on November 1, 2007

So Halloween has come and gone. This year my daughter went out trick or treating for the first time. At her preschool they held a Halloween parade and all the children dressed up. I’d put a lot of thought into her costume. Assuming that all of the little girls would be dressed up as Princesses, I decided we would do something different this year. So I semi-steered Grace away from those types of costumes. But they lured me, and I held one up to Grace, visually trying it on for size. No, I thought to myself. Imagining hordes of little princesses running around, I couldn’t do it to her. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. I looked back at the rack of princess costumes, some even had LED lights on them! Despite myself, I grabbed the LED one and another with a hoop skirt.

So we continued looking and came upon animal costumes. Bears, unicorns, horses, elephants – a veritable zoo on the racks at Walmart. I found a cute unicorn costume – pink fur, a blue horn, and green wings. Grace was enthusiastic so I tried it on her and she loved it. I still had the princess costumes but I reluctantly put them back. Grace was so excited by her costume that she ran around the house in it for the next two days. Maybe it’s for the best.

Well the big day arrives and Grace gets to wear her costume outside of the house. We walk into the school, met by a zoo of elephants, lions, mice, bears, and one other unicorn. Not a princess in sight. How could I go so wrong? Doesn’t every little girl want to be a princess? When I was a child I my own princess costume. It didn’t have LED lights, but I was dressed up as a Princess and that was all that mattered at the time.

“I thought all the girls would be dressed up as princesses. I tried to be different.” I said to the another mother with a unicorn of her own.


Maybe next year I’ll live vicariously through Grace’s Halloween costume.

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