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If this wasn’t so sad, I would laugh

Posted by Marilyn on August 28, 2007

As mentioned, Camilla has backed out of attending the Diana memorial service. Shunned it. Forced to back-out. Wisely recognized the mood of the public. Fill in whatever negative reason you want to make regarding Camilla in this situation.

But this article from the Daily Express just takes the cake, with Prince Charles accused of “hijacking” of the ceremony – making Camilla the focus of what was supposed to be a celebration of  Diana’s life.” That all the furor is about Charles bid to make Camilla his Queen. In this event, Charles has shown a ‘lack of judgement’ and questions have been raised regarding his ‘suitability as a future king.’

So what else is new?

Yes, the media has started to shift the blame. Raised the red herring of Charles’ suitability to become king. That old chestnut never gets tired, does it?

Here’s an article from the Telegraph with a complaint about the timing of the service, that “They should have done this six months after her death, not 10 years later.” Everyone has an opinion and a complaint, don’t they?

I hope that wherever Diana is right now. She’s laughing.

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