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Adventures in podcasting: The Royal Report

Posted by Marilyn on August 7, 2007

Last night I premiered the Royal Report and it was a rather nerve-racking experience. I didn’t expect to be nervous but I was! I thought I’d show you a bit of behind the scenes of last night.

I’m up! I’ll be honest, it wasn’t completely real until I saw this screen. This is when I started to get nervous.


My studio – Fancy huh?


My back-up plan in case something went wrong with this set up.


My headset and microphone


My back-up headset and microphone


My script – I worked the entire day on this and all I got out of it was 9 minutes! I have a new respect for people who put on shows that are longer than that! img_1049.jpg

The show didn’t go completely according to plan – it would have been nice if it had been longer!

Oh well, back to the drawing board!

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