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Something for the Diana Investigation to consider

Posted by Marilyn on July 30, 2007

I have no idea where these people come from. Maybe they want their two seconds of fame, I dunno. Feminist Germain Greer has said that Diana caused her own death, citing several examples. None of which mention a drunk driver and not wearing a seat-belt!

 Here’s the evidence that she gives for such an idea:

 Diana was a ‘devious’, ‘disturbingly neurotic’ woman who ‘sexually tricked her lovers’.

Diana may have been devious, but aren’t we all capable of that? There have been many disturbingly neurotic public figures. Many public figures who have ‘sexually tricked people’ and lived so that people can write books about them. 

 “Her death may have resulted indirectly from (one) of her back-handed manipulations – She went out with Dodi to make her real love Hasnat Khan jealous.

Possibly true, so what? Whatever Diana’s motives, whether to make Khan jealous or just an impulsive trip to Paris, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, surrounded by incompetent people.

“Diana was never a fashion icon; she dressed to the same demotic standard of elegance as TV anchorwomen do, plus the inevitable hat. Diana’s legacy is no more than endless column inches of adulation and speculation.”’ve lost me here. Even if this is true, how exactly did dressing ‘to the same demotic standard of elegance as TV anchorwomen do’ contribute to her death?

Thanks for your two cents Ms. Greer! We’ll be sure to pass this along to Mohammed Al Fayed so he can continue to blame someone other than himself for Diana and Dodi’s deaths.

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