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How many pictures of mountains and food dishes does it take?

Posted by Marilyn on July 23, 2007

You know, sometimes I have a dream. I don’t speak of this dream very often. But it still exists. Whenever I look at the Blogger welcome screen, I get a tinge of hope.  Maybe, just maybe, today will be my day.

But it never is.

My dream? I want to be chosen as a ‘Blog of Note.’

I know it may sound silly. But somewhere deep in my heart I feel that I will beat the odds. Without resorting to posting photos of a questionable food dish or having to ascend some sort of mountain. Or writing about my passionate interest in GSM powered GPS mobile trackers. I’ve been holding off on writing about bent objects and renewable energy. But now people have beat me to it. And look where they are today!

Surely Marilyn’s Royal Blog fits into those odd, niche categories? Doesn’t it?

Is my blog not weird enough? Ask the people around me, they’ll tell you it’s weird!

*sniff* Are you listening Blogger Team????

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