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The Devil wears black

Posted by Marilyn on March 23, 2007

Emily Blunt, the actress who played one of Meryl Streep’s assistant’s in the movie, The Devil wears Prada, will play Queen Victoria in a Martin  Scorsese movie.

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Footage of Queen Victoria’s Funeral Procession

Posted by Marilyn on March 18, 2007

I love anything to do with Queen Victoria’s reign. Here is a link, from The Monarchist blog, with footage of her funeral.

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The 3rd Annual Blogs Royal listing

Posted by Marilyn on March 2, 2007

My previous postings regarding royal blogs – The Blogs Royal and Blogs Royal Part 2 – seem to be quite popular, so I may just make it an annual or whenever I feel like it thing. There are many many blogs dedicated to specific members of the Dutch and Spanish families, but at the moment I haven’t gone through all of the links to check that they’re still active. For now, here’s a list of the more popular (and active) royal blogs. Enjoy!

British Royal Wedding

Royal Sweden

Royalty Reviews

Merry Royals

World of Royalty Blog

The Royal Journal & August Annotations

Royal Anecdotes

Monarchio (In Italian)

The Monarchist

Danish Royal Watchers 

King Nicholas and the Copeman Empire – Blog by ‘Englands other monarch’

Once again, if I’ve missed anyone or if you know of a fantastic royal blog, please let me know!

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