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From the royal files of ewwww and yuck…

Posted by Marilyn on February 3, 2007

Today I happened to catch a headline that said that pieces of Queen Victoria’s wedding cake will go on display. Food and royalty can be a fascinating subject and I’m all for seeing royal memorabilia, but not when it’s a 167 year old piece of food.

As unbeliveable as the announcement that Charles and Camilla were actually getting married, I had to search out the story to find out if it was actually true and not some cruel joke inflicted on royal watchers. Indeed it is. And that it’s part of a larger exhibit to commemorate the 60th Wedding Anniversary of the Queen and Prince Philip, who were married on November 20th, 1947.

Luckily this cake will be displayed in its original box and will not be opened to see how long fruitcake can be preserved. Hmmm…let’s think on the bright side here…it might be good to know how long fruitcake will last – think of the re-gifting possibilities!

As long as we don’t have to find out how it tastes.

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