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But seriously folks…

Posted by Marilyn on February 3, 2007

When I write an article, for the most part, I try to be as accurate as possible in what I include in it. Although many of the articles I write are meant to be informative, occasionally I will write satirical stuff. And I’m always amazed when someone makes a serious comment in reply to these articles. I’ve had three instances where this has occured, most recently with Is Prince William a style icon? Now, I would think that some of the examples I listed in that article would make it obvious that it’s satire but by the comment I received it isn’t.

Not to put anyone on the spot, but two other examples are: 638th in line for the British throne, and The Queen’s To Do list for Christmas. I actually received a comment on the first one (via email), from someone who believed that I was actually in line for the throne (that position is currently occupied by Victor Burnett – don’t ask me why or who that is). Maybe that particular article might be borderline but I would hope that the Queen’s To Do list would be taken in the spirit that it was meant – a light hearted look at things the Queen would probably never do at Christmas time, like wrap 550 employee gifts.

Maybe my sense of humor is different from most people – that’s the only way I can really explain it otherwise. For the most part I hope people understand that sometimes a joke is just a joke – even if I’m the only one who gets it.

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