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Re: Marilyn’s Royal…”I’ll be there in a moment”

Posted by Marilyn on January 12, 2007

He’s a brutal and unsympathetic taskmaster.

Sometimes I can’t even get a cup of coffee..forget even going to the bathroom…”I’ll be there in a moment”

He’s taking a nap so I’m free to postfor now…”You don’t have to be so loud…sheesh..”

He’s one month old. And I’m powerless to his demands..

Duty will call shortly, but I thought I would take this time to talk about Marilyn’s Royal Blog and the lack of new posts. As I’ve mentioned in my post Ruler of rulers, it’s hard to type with a newborn in one hand and a bottle in the other. Add to that restraining an active and jealous toddler and I’ve become adept at typing with my feet. If you’re a regular visitor to that blog or even this one, I thank you for visiting and I hope that you’ll bear with me while I adapt to the lack of sleep.

I’m working on more articles, many of which I began shortly before my son was born. Those were the days…

The point is, I’m still around and I’ll be back.

“Okay, okay…” *sigh*

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