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A confession: That photo on my profile…

Posted by Marilyn on September 28, 2006

princess-grace2.jpgI have to confess something.  As much as I’d like you to believe it, I just can’t continue to lead people on.

If you’ve visited Marilyn’s Royal Blog you may notice that there’s a photo on my profile. Black and white and elegant it depicts Princess Grace of Monaco when she was Grace Kelly. Yet some people have contacted me and commented on the photo, complimenting me on my appearance. Yes, some people think that is a photo of ME!

Alas no! It is a beautiful photo and I do wish that I looked like her but I do not. I don’t use my real photo, well because I like to maintain some mystery. Some people do use their real photos and that’s fine, but for me I’m not really comfortable with it. Not to say that I’m unattractive but I just feel it’s more appropriate to use a royal image.

I can only imagine what the comments would be if I were to switch the image with one of Dame Edna.  😉

For the record, I don’t look anything like ‘her’ either!

4 Responses to “A confession: That photo on my profile…”

  1. Trudie said

    Marilyn you are truly are royal with the mystique to prove it. As Bageholt once said “Do not let daylight in upon the magic”

  2. Cinderella said

    How surprising that people don’t recognize Princess Grace, who was not only a princess but a famous actress!

    For the record, that’s not really my picture on my blog, either. (It’s Madame De Pompadour.) Although I do wish I had some excuse to wear that dress.

  3. Marilyn said

    Trudie, if I am royal then I dub thee Dame Trudie. Tah Dahhhh! 🙂

    Cinderella, I actually thought that was a picture of Marie Antoinette! Now I need to go and read up on who Madame De Pompadour is. Learn something new everyday! 🙂

  4. Cinderella said

    A mistress of Louis XV! (“Pompadour” hairstyles are named after her.) Not royal, but close enough. I picked it because I liked the dress and the book in her hand.

    Hmm, I see now that Wikipedia has a color version of this image, also in the public domain, so maybe I’ll change it.

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