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The Blogs Royal – Part 2

Posted by Marilyn on September 29, 2006

I have to say that I really enjoy it when I locate another royal blog. I did do a posting called The Blogs Royal, where I listed some of the, I guess you could say, more well known ones.  However, recently I found more royal blogs on the Belgian, Dutch, Danish and Spanish royal families. Popular search terms are blogs on Mary of Denmark, Maxima of the Netherlands, and Letizia of Spain, so it isn’t really surprising to find so many blogs devoted to these royal ladies. Most of these sites are not in English but they do have some charming photos. Many are similar in theme and some are on royalty such as Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Anita of the Netherlands and Princess Claire of Belgium, people that you don’t necessarily hear about outside of the pages of Hello Magazine. I especially enjoy the one about the littlest royals.

Although there are almost too many to list, here are some for your enjoyment: Blog devoted to Swedish royalty Blog which seems to cover the fashions of Maxima, Letizia, Mary and Mette Marit Devoted to Crown Princess Letizia Devoted to Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of HRH Caroline, Princess of Hanover Another site which seems to be dedicated to Dutch, Danish, and Belgian royalty Seems to be dedicated to Dutch royalty. Has music! Devoted to the family of Princess Margriet, sister of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. Site devoted to Princess Anita, wife of Prince Pieter Christian, son of Princess Margriet. About Princess Mary of Denmark and Victoria of Sweden About Princess Mathilde of Belgium Devoted to Dutch royalty About Maxima of the Netherlands and Dutch royalty A rather charming site with lots of cute baby pictures Mainly has a lot of photos of Mary, Maxima and family Devoted to Princess Mette Marit and Norwegian royalty About Felipe and Letizia of Spain Devoted to royalty in Monaco Belgian royalty Danish royalty Devoted to Princess Claire, wife of Prince Laurent of Belgium About Luxembourg royalty About British royalty Site seems to be devoted to royalty in Portugal Scroll towards the bottom to see some rarely seen baby photos.

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A confession: That photo on my profile…

Posted by Marilyn on September 28, 2006

princess-grace2.jpgI have to confess something.  As much as I’d like you to believe it, I just can’t continue to lead people on.

If you’ve visited Marilyn’s Royal Blog you may notice that there’s a photo on my profile. Black and white and elegant it depicts Princess Grace of Monaco when she was Grace Kelly. Yet some people have contacted me and commented on the photo, complimenting me on my appearance. Yes, some people think that is a photo of ME!

Alas no! It is a beautiful photo and I do wish that I looked like her but I do not. I don’t use my real photo, well because I like to maintain some mystery. Some people do use their real photos and that’s fine, but for me I’m not really comfortable with it. Not to say that I’m unattractive but I just feel it’s more appropriate to use a royal image.

I can only imagine what the comments would be if I were to switch the image with one of Dame Edna.  😉

For the record, I don’t look anything like ‘her’ either!

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Butler finally tells the truth!

Posted by Marilyn on September 26, 2006

We’ve always had an inkling that it might be true. A nagging doubt that just won’t go away. Today we have confirmation.

Paul Burrell has finally admitted that he cashed in on Diana’s memory.

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Whatever happened to the last of the debs?

Posted by Marilyn on September 25, 2006

1958 was the last season that debutantes were presented to the Queen. A diverse group of women, one became a princess, one became a terrorist, one committed suicide, another became a rock chick.

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Butler doesn’t serve Diana well

Posted by Marilyn on September 25, 2006

Is Paul Burrell still the keeper of Diana’s flame?

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