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A roving eye and a recipe

Posted by Marilyn on August 5, 2006

Believe it or not, Edward VII had a roving eye! Betcha didn’t know THAT! I know what you’re thinking:

“No way, really”?

“How can any royal man having a roving eye”?

“That’s completely absurd!”

Not only does the writer of this article inform us of this fascinating and until now, completely unknown fact, he also offers us a recipe for Crepe Suzette, the name of which was inspired by the king.

Who says you can’t learn something new everyday?

4 Responses to “A roving eye and a recipe”

  1. Trudie said

    So which unknown mistress was this dish named after? or was this the nickname of one of his more famous mistresses.

  2. Marilyn said

    From what I can remember, Suzette just happened to be his companion at that particular time. I think he much preferred his regular mistresses Alice Keppel and Lillie Langtry, neither of which seem to have had desserts named after them.

  3. Trudie said

    She must have been some dish lol

  4. Marilyn said

    LOL 🙂

    I’ve read some reports that say Suzette was his mistress du jour. Other reports say she was not his mistress but the daughter of a friend of his. We’ll never know.

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