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The family affairs of reptilian humanoids

Posted by Marilyn on July 31, 2006

Ah, power and wealth! The Astors, the Churchills, the Rothchilds…can you guess which ones are the reptilian humanoids?

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Diana and the Knight Rider?

Posted by Marilyn on July 30, 2006

Who can resist his charms? certainly not the German’s. Would Diana have fallen under his spell too?

We’ll never know.

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Dress For The Occasion

Posted by Marilyn on July 26, 2006

Once again, another exhibit I can’t visit! 😦

However, if you’re like me and unable to make it to Buckingham Palace by September 24th, you can see a selection of the dresses and jewels online through the Royal Collection website.

My fingers are crossed that the Royal Collection will release an exhibition catalogue.

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In good company??

Posted by Marilyn on July 18, 2006

Just when you were probably wondering what she was going to do next, the ubiquitious Paris Hilton is once again in the news. This time she has compared herself to Marilyn Monroe and Diana, Princess of Wales as an “iconic blonde“.

Geez, the criterion must have really gone down.

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Marilyn’s Royal Forum

Posted by Marilyn on July 17, 2006

I’ve always wanted to start my own forum and through a posting on the World of Royalty message board I found a link for one!

It’s called Marilyn’s Royal Forum. Feel free to come by and discuss British or other world royalty, or even ask a question!


Marilyn 🙂

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