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Royal Writer’s Block

Posted by Marilyn on June 28, 2006

If you visit my other blog you may have noticed that I haven’t updated it in a while. Today, after several weeks and two posts promising some new material, I finally posted a Royal Profile.

I’ve recently been suffering from a case of writers block. Which is kind of surprising given my interest in royalty and my fascination with every aspect of it. However, in the last month or so, it hasn’t really held my interest. Stories such as the Queen’s 80th birthday or the auction of Princess Margaret’s belongings, have not sparked article ideas as they once would have. My list of draft articles increased with no inspiration to finish them. Noting the dates between my postings just added to the pressure I felt to overcome this problem. In other words, I had lost the passion for writing about a subject that I love.

I don’t recall exactly when this feeling started but it was around the time I’d written an article for another site. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of the work that I do but after the experience, it had lost it’s point for me. Everyone seemed to have gotten something out of it but me as the focus became more about becoming a professional writer and not selling myself short, than the love of writing.

Yes, I had indeed lost my love of writing. It wasn’t fun anymore, so why bother? I forced myself to write and to come up with ideas, which is something I’d never had to do before. And as I did so, I stopped looking forward to turning my laptop on and getting to “work”. At one point, I could spend hours researching an article, now I didn’t have the energy.

I no longer felt as though I had anything to say.

This was compounded by two other experiences. I was contacted by two journalists, one from the Wall Street Journal, another from the Los Angeles Times, for two separate stories, one about the Althorp furniture line, and the other regarding Prince Albert’s illegitimate daughter. To say I was flattered would be an understatement and I was happy to be interviewed. Now I understand that journalists have many sources and of course I wouldn’t be the only one. That’s reality. However, nothing that I’d said was used in either instance and ultimately, I felt as though my time had been wasted. I hadn’t gotten anything out of the experience other than being able to talk about it. So what was the point? Reading the completed article about Prince Albert, it seemed that the reporter had been looking for a more controversial sound bite. Should I change my opinion next time a reporter asks for it, just to be included in an article? No wonder there are wild exaggerations in the press regarding royalty!

I’m still working on getting my love of writing back, and my love of royalty back too. The point of this posting was just to explain that in case you were wondering why Marilyn’s Royal Blog had not been updated until now. I didn’t give up on the blog and I don’t plan to.   

Thanks for visiting.

Marilyn 🙂 

4 Responses to “Royal Writer’s Block”

  1. Ian Richardson said

    Marilyn writing is something that you have to work at – heavens knows that is what my teacher tells me & tells me & tells me – but somedays the words aren’t as happy to appear as on other days – yes you can force yourself but that is when the EDIT button comes into it own & if what you have done before is good, then I think its OK to let it be until there is something better to say

  2. razib said

    “Should I change my opinion next time a reporter asks for it, just to be included in an article? No wonder there are wild exaggerations in the press regarding royalty!”
    No, do not do it. Just be patient and sooner or latter you will be in the reports. I wish you luck with the writers blog.

    In my blog I have written about Nepalese Royal family. The King has to pay
    tax very soon. It never

    happened for the last 238
    years. May be you can write about it too.

  3. Cinderella said

    Writer’s block has been a problem for me for many years. My mistake: Trying to write for money. It created too much pressure (and very little money!)

    Be patient with yourself, write what you WANT to write at any given time (not what you think you SHOULD write), and try not to be influenced by others’ opinions. Protect that part of your life, because if you lose it, you’ll miss it.

    Your blog is wonderful — not because of the topic, or all the research — but because YOUR voice comes through. You could start blogging about knitting or kayaking (neither of which interests me), and I’d still read it.

  4. Marilyn said

    Thanks for your encouragement Ian, Razib and Cinderella! It truly means a lot to me. I never thought I would have writers block with royalty a subject of endless interest to me. Hopefully I can just allow myself to write again for the love of it.

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