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And yet more trivia about the Queen

Posted by Marilyn on April 20, 2006

The Queen's 80th birthday seems to bring out all sorts of miscellaneous facts about her. 

Happy Birthday, Lilibet 

4 Responses to “And yet more trivia about the Queen”

  1. Trudie said

    All the trivia about The Queen not only makes for interesting reading but you get a glimpse of the real woman behind the mystery and this makes her more endearing!!

  2. Marilyn said

    I love royal trivia too but I think some of the facts from the Toronto Star posting were pushing it a bit – I highly doubt that Prince Philip is the ‘only’ person who calls her Lilibet.

  3. Trudie said

    Marilyn, it may be true as now that the Queen Mum and Princess Margaret have passed i would think protocol would prevent them from such familiararity. How ever perhaps Queen Margarethe being a cousin would be exempted. By the way when the Queen meets another Queen or King what is the protocol upon greeting mutual curtseys or bows I was always curious and are they on a first name basis?

  4. Marilyn said

    I would think that the Mountbatten’s (Countess Patricia and Pamela Hicks) call her Lilibet as well as some of her childhood cousins on her mother’s side. She’s also supposed to be close to Princess Alexandra, so maybe she’s allowed to call her Lilibet. If not her then at least the Mountbatten’s.

    When the Queen meets other royalty I don’t think they curtsey or bow to one another, especially if they hold the rank of a sovereign. I don’t think the Queen has to bow to anyone. Since she’s related to several other monarchs I would think she’s definately on a first name basis with them, just not when they meet in public!

    In private I don’t think they bow and curtsey to each other, can you imagine everyone endlessly bobbing up and down? 😉

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