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A Royal Farce?

Posted by Marilyn on March 29, 2006

First we've got the carrot, then we've got the queen being kissed by total strangers, now Camilla almost fell off a chair (she wasn't laughing). Is it still a slow news day?

Charles comes to Camilla's rescue

At least Charles was more solicitous to his second wife than his first. On a tour of Vancouver for Expo 1986, Princess Diana famously fainted briefly. According to Diana, Charles suggested she should have fainted in a less public place.

Charles has become a gentleman in public. Imagine the difference 20 years makes.

2 Responses to “A Royal Farce?”

  1. Trudie said

    It seems that Charles finally discovered “What ever in LOVE means”

  2. Marilyn said

    LOL Trudie, that’s a good one!

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