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A milestone for Camilla

Posted by Marilyn on March 24, 2006

Holy Cow! Is the media running out of things to write about? Fast on the heels of Camilla's 'Spouse of the Year' award, she's passed another milestone! What is it? A new regiment? The Queen's personal family order? Final, total, unquestioning acceptance by the royal family and everyone in the free world?

No, she fed her first carrot to a horse, in public!!! Can someone please tell me why this is news? It's not as if she hand fed a politician or another royal. It's a horse and I'm sure she's fed horses many carrots and sugar cubes in her life.

Can we get back to lambasting Kate Middleton for her fur/non-fir hat? Princess Beatrice dumping her boyfriend? Prince Charles and his diaries?

People, work with me here!

One Response to “A milestone for Camilla”

  1. Cinderella said

    LOL! I’m just surprised that the news article wasn’t headlined “A Right Royal Carrot,” since most articles of this type are “A Right Royal (Something).”

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