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Tea with the Queen

Posted by Marilyn on March 3, 2006

Some might consider it bad form to invite yourself over to someones house. No matter how curious you are to look in their medicine cabinet, it’s usually best to wait for an invitation. Especially if you want to have tea with the Queen.

However, if you really must invite yourself over, at least check to make sure the Queen is in. At minimum, call ahead. Just because you happen to be in the neighborhood, hopping over a fence and entering without knocking just isn’t done. At least bring some unopened wine or flowers. Note: Picking them out of her garden doesn’t count.

Once you’re in the palace, you might as well use the bathroom to freshen up. Use a breath mint, comb your hair, generally pull yourself together in a presentable fashion.

When you meet the Queen, address her as ‘Your Majesty’ – being informal isn’t appropriate. Afterwards you should address her as ‘Ma’am’ (to rhyme with ‘lamb). If you’re female, you may want to curtsey, for males, a bow or bob of the head is good. Don’t sit unless invited to do so. Try not to trip over the corgi’s.

It’s always good to be polite, witty, droll, but never familiar. Always remember that you are speaking to The Queen.  Ignore this advice at your peril. It’s rumoured that the Queen can freeze water with her stare. Thankfully, I’ve never experienced it.

Since the Queen is a busy person, try to keep track of the time. Don’t overstay your welcome. Regardless of how late it is, don’t ask to stay the night.

Gracefully bid her adieu. Afterwards, send a thankyou note.

It’s just common sense.

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