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A Royal Farce?

Posted by Marilyn on March 29, 2006

First we've got the carrot, then we've got the queen being kissed by total strangers, now Camilla almost fell off a chair (she wasn't laughing). Is it still a slow news day?

Charles comes to Camilla's rescue

At least Charles was more solicitous to his second wife than his first. On a tour of Vancouver for Expo 1986, Princess Diana famously fainted briefly. According to Diana, Charles suggested she should have fainted in a less public place.

Charles has become a gentleman in public. Imagine the difference 20 years makes.

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Maybe a kiss is just a kiss

Posted by Marilyn on March 25, 2006

The Queen had a close encounter with one of her subjects when, spotting a vacant seat next to her, he sat down and gave her a kiss.

Now it's hard to imagine someone just walking up to the Queen and giving her a peck. Were her bodyguards on a coffee break? Where was an 'irate' and 'livid' Prince Philip to give him a good dressing down?

Why isn't anyone making more of a big deal out of this? Isn't this an issue of concern? What does Tony Blair think of this incident? Shouldn't there be some sort of investigation? How could someone get so close? Is the Queen getting lax with the protocol?….

With all of these great questions, it's a wonder the carrot made news.

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A milestone for Camilla

Posted by Marilyn on March 24, 2006

Holy Cow! Is the media running out of things to write about? Fast on the heels of Camilla's 'Spouse of the Year' award, she's passed another milestone! What is it? A new regiment? The Queen's personal family order? Final, total, unquestioning acceptance by the royal family and everyone in the free world?

No, she fed her first carrot to a horse, in public!!! Can someone please tell me why this is news? It's not as if she hand fed a politician or another royal. It's a horse and I'm sure she's fed horses many carrots and sugar cubes in her life.

Can we get back to lambasting Kate Middleton for her fur/non-fir hat? Princess Beatrice dumping her boyfriend? Prince Charles and his diaries?

People, work with me here!

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19 year old Prince becomes a father

Posted by Marilyn on March 21, 2006

Ahhh, isn’t it nice to have a baby? They’re so well formed, tiny and adorable. It’s impossible to summarize the joys of parenthood into a blog posting.

Prince Louis of Luxemborg, aged 19, has become a father for the first time, isn’t that great news?

But parenthood isn’t only about how cute the baby is, it’s hard work. Staying up late at night for feedings, diaper changes, a lot of responsibility…..

Luckily he’s a prince and can hand the baby off to a servant or nanny.

If only it was so easy for the rest of us.

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Don’t call him Eddie

Posted by Marilyn on March 16, 2006

Apparently Prince Edward can’t deal with a bit of teasing. Whatever you do, if you happen to meet him on the street, do not call him Eddie.

You can call him the Royal Tea boy, Barbara, Mavis, Edward Windsor, Your Royal Highness, or Sir, but don’t call him¬†Eddie. ¬†

In case you haven’t heard, don’t call him Eddie!

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