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Interesting, but missed the boat

Posted by Marilyn on February 21, 2006

Today seems to be a very slow news day. Either that or my brain is not working, because nothing is jumping out at me to write about. It’s even worse when I look at the timestamp for this blog and see that the day is almost up! Of course it isn’t for me, I’m in Canada where it’s, at present, almost 5:00pm. So if you look at the timestamp and it says I posted at 4:00am, rest assured that I’m asleep in my bed, and not writing.

Sometimes I have this problem on my other blog. There will be some interesting articles and by the time I’ve thought of something to write about, it will be old news. It’s very frustrating. So I like to refer to these postings as “Interesting, but missed the boat” – maybe I should start a completely new category for those articles?

So far the Royal Prolific Challenge is working, and I’m even getting some other non-royal writing in, which I have to say I’m very proud of. Working on writing outside of my blog is a good feeling, submitting article ideas to magazines is even better. Becoming a freelance writer won’t be easy, and I’m certain there will be lots of bumps along the way, but if I can stick with it, then it might just be the start of something wonderful for me.

I have to feed my toddler and go make dinner now. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for royal news or maybe before the day is up, for me, I’ll be inspired.

Either way, fingers crossed.

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