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The Rotten Royals

Posted by Marilyn on February 20, 2006

Yesterday I found a news item about Johnny Rotten (from the Sex Pistols), who revealed his thoughts on Diana and Camilla. Not particularly flattering comments, but what did you expect from the singer of God Save The Queen?

Johnny Rotten is filming a documentary and I take it, decided to insult the royals in order to get some publicity. But the punchline of this story is that Johnny is looking for members of the royal family to appear in this documentary! Well, at least he insulted Diana (who can’t reply), and Camilla (the verdict is still out). Who’s left? The Queen? Nope. Prince Philip, doubt it. Hmmmm, maybe Princess Michael of Kent is available.

Johnny, a word of advice: Don’t insult her if she is.

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