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The Queen’s Castle eludes me

Posted by Marilyn on February 18, 2006

I really enjoy watching royal documentaries. No matter what the subject, how often I’ve heard the information or seen the footage, I’m fascinated. But there’s one documentary that keeps eluding me.

The Queen’s Castle is a three part documentary on Windsor Castle, and I have seen half of Part 2 and the whole of Part 3 but I have never seen Part 1. Unbeknownst to me it was on at Christmas time, and once again I missed it. The series was on the other night, but unfortunately it was on a cable channel that I don’t subscribe to!

I was delighted when I found it on dvd. Finally, I get to watch it whenever I want! It seemed too good to be true. It was. The dvd doesn’t work on North American players!

Will I ever see the entire documentary? 😦

6 Responses to “The Queen’s Castle eludes me”

  1. I stopped by to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your blogs. As a Major in Ancient History, European History, World History and any history I truely value the information I find on the internet that people have spent a great deal of time researching and formulating. Don’t stop writing, it becomes you.


  2. Cinderella said

    Keep an eye on — I suspect it may eventually become available there.

    I’ve seen part one and I thought it was a bit slow-paced, but my mother enjoyed it, since she loves to cook at it was mostly about preparations for a banquet.

  3. Marilyn said

    Hi celticprincess,

    Thank you for visiting and for your kind words. If you’re interested in history there are some other blogs that might be of interest to you, links which I found on the World of Royalty Blog:

    Marilyn 🙂

  4. Marilyn said

    Hi Cinderella,

    Thanks for letting me know about the PBS site, I wasn’t aware that they had an online shop. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they release a North American version.

    Marilyn 🙂

  5. Cinderella said

    Marilyn, I hope you see this note! The DVD for this TV series is now available at and

  6. Marilyn said

    Ooooh Cinderella, thank you for letting me know about this, I really appreciate it!!!!!

    *Marilyn does her happy dance*


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