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The Queen hires contract killers

Posted by Marilyn on February 16, 2006

Disgruntled employees thinking of writing tell all books beware, the Queen has hired contract killers to carry out her dirty work. Six men, on a mission, in Her Majesty’s Service. It’s a large job, it could take a year, and it won’t be easy; moving targets make it challenging. But these men are expert marksmen and they’ll see to it that the job is done.

Of course, it’s not an arbitrary mission. There’s a reason for it – yes, there’s always a reason. Who benefits? The wealthy landowner, that’s who. A £500,000 bonus and all the venison you can eat? It’s a win, win, tasty, situation.

But it’s not only about the wealthy landowners, it’s also about the environment.

Still, Paul Burrell, I’d watch your back. 

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