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The company that he keeps

Posted by Marilyn on February 15, 2006

It had to happen sooner or later. Prince William, the good one, so like his mother in looks, too smart to get into trouble like his brother, Prince Harry, the wild, party boy. Obviously we’ve been mislead because Prince William has been caught in a drug sting.

Or so the title of the article would make you think. The person in question is Prince William and Prince Harry’s friend, Guy Pelly. Rumoured to have introduced Prince Harry to cannabis, and called an ‘aristobrat’, he doesn’t seem to be a good influence on either Prince. But the royals refuse to ‘dump their pal’.

Call it guilt by association. Who is Guy Pelly and why should we care? The article stops short of saying that Prince William himself did anything wrong – there’s a libel and defamation suit waiting to happen. But it makes for a more interesting story to put Prince William in temptations proximity. The article allows us to read between the lines. Where was William in all of this? If William was beside Pelly, did he look longingly at the joint? Did it tempt his iron royal reserve? We’ll never know, but the questions are there, for us to ask ourselves.

Of course, our Prince William, the responsible one, would never do anything like that. It must be Prince Harry! The photo accompanying the article shows Pelly with Prince Harry. Where are the incriminating photos placing Prince William at the scene? Where’s Pelly with the joint? Who cares! What did Prince William do?

Maybe we should ask the company that he keeps.

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