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I’m just not interested

Posted by Marilyn on February 12, 2006

From time to time I’ve had people leave comments on my blog that are either very pro- monarchy or very anti-monarchy. I’ve even had comments about how Edward VIII was a nazi, racist, etc. And, for whatever reason, which came out of left field, how the Queen is not the fountain of honor and she’s done nothing for Australia. ??????? The post this comment was left on had nothing to do with Australia! Okey dokey!

Now, I appreciate it when people leave comments – I at least know that I’m not talking to myself. I don’t mind questions, or counter opinions, it’s good to discuss and occassionally debate things. I’ve thought about adding a message board to my blog, but I then thought the better of it. It’s just a blog and it’s also a lot of work to moderate. Also, posts about pro or anti could get way out of hand and then it would cause too many headaches. I don’t need that.

Anyhoo, I’m just not interested in comments that are pro-monarchy or anti-monarchy. I honestly don’t care.


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