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Hunting for Royal links

Posted by Marilyn on February 4, 2006

On Marilyn’s Royal Blog, I have a long list of royal links on the left hand side of the page. These links cover official, useful, recommended, and a variety of other interesting stuff.

One thing that I try very hard to avoid is putting links that are either very pro-monarchy or very anti-monarchy. There’s nothing wrong with those sites but I prefer the middle ground and I’m not terribly interested in either argument. I’m interested in royalty, plain and simple and if any and all of these monarchies was to implode, I would still continue to be interested in them without dancing with joy or mourning its loss.

I love it when I find a new link, especially ones with old photos.  When I did an article on recommended royalty sites I came across many which I didn’t know existed. Why just a little while ago I came across these two: Glittering Royal events and Royal Jewels of the World (although unfortunately it hasn’t been updated in quite a while). The Glittering Royal events pages are just fantastic, with information and photos that would be difficult to locate otherwise. I especially enjoy the pages on the weddings of Queen Margarethe II of Denmark and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. The pages of these sites are beautifully designed. On the Royal Jewels of the World pages there is a link to Royal Magazin which has some stunning and lovely photos of royal tiaras.

I have occasionally come across links from search engines, other royal sites, and royal message boards (The Royalist was one such site I found on a message board). I’m mainly interested in British royalty but there are so many other wonderful official sites out there that it was a no-brainer to include them. I have yet to add the Greek Royal family’s official page because it is not up and running as of yet. Nor have I located some type of official page for German royalty with its history and members. If anyone has a suggestion it would be appreciated. 

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