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Thinking outside the royal blog

Posted by Marilyn on February 2, 2006

I love to write about royalty (yes, I do write about more than not knowing what to write about). I could do it all day. When I’m not writing about royalty, I think about writing about royalty. When I go searching for material, usually finding articles on other websites, I’m constantly trying to figure out ways to satirize them, or taking a the subject of the article itself and expanding on it. Sometimes it’s a lot of pressure and I try not to force it, especially when I want to satire something, because then it doesn’t work. At Christmas time I had a draft of an article for Christmas gifts for the royal on your list. I thought it was a good idea, but I couldn’t find anything funny enough for each royal, and if I did come up with something, it wasn’t very kind: Princess Anne – a makeover. Ouch! So, I didn’t publish that. It’s not funny to be mean, so the draft languishes until I can find something good to add to it. If anything I will have an article for Christmas 2006 – I always like to work in advance.

Yes, ordinarily I have no problem with writing about royalty. It only becomes a problem when I actually want to make a career out of writing and I don’t concentrate on coming up with queries for publications, and opportunities to get paid. I do occasionally write for another site, which is , and it’s wonderful to be able to write about royalty, however, once again, I’m not concentrating on making the writing into an actual career. Sometimes I think that the subject that I write about is very limiting; unless there’s a wedding, birth or a death, there isn’t much interest. How do you make royalty interesting to non-royal publications?

I did contact Majesty magazine with an idea, worked up the guts to do so and after initial interest and a follow-up, I received no response. Other than Majesty and Royalty magazine (which seems to be more of a tabloid), where are the opportunities?

So I find myself searching for other publications that I can write for, and I have some ideas but the blog just keeps calling to me, to the exclusion of anything else. If I could make money from the blog I might be able to make money and write what I love, but so far I haven’t figured out a way to do it. I briefly had ads on my blog but I felt like a sell out, and I never made more than the cost of a Starbucks gingerbread latte (mmmmmmm).

So I removed the ads, other than an banner – which unless you scroll to the end of the page you won’t see. I haven’t figured out where to place it (so that it doesn’t interfere with the text of the blog), otherwise it might be in a more prominent spot. The amazon ad in still on the site because it’s related to writing, however, because it’s and not it’s unlikely to get much business. My husband used the link to buy a book for me for Christmas, but unless you’re in Canada it’s not much use is it?

Now that I have this blog I have yet another reason not to concentrate on paying gigs!

Maybe I love writing about royalty too much?


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