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The limits of Blogger

Posted by Marilyn on February 1, 2006

Don’t get me wrong, I like Blogger. It holds a place in my heart reserved for technology which makes my life easier. However it has its limits: It doesn’t allow for categorizing articles, if you want stats you have to put code into the template and then check a completely different program, and it doesn’t allow importing articles from other blog-type programs.

Of course I have a horror story about that. Why, just yesterday, in the process of importing articles here, my Blogger blogs template disappeared – you can read my parable in This isn’t Blogger’s fault, it seems to be a glitch in WordPress, which chose my blog to rear its ugly head. I spent the better part of the day trying to rebuild my template with links and formatting. It still  needs some work: the search box is gone and some of the links aren’t categorized properly, but I’m not going to touch it right now.

Otherwise I have to say that WordPress is great – it has all of the features I wish Blogger had. Features, which if I want in Blogger, I have to go into the code and tweak it. I’m no html genius, so it’s a hunt and peck method in order to get things to work. But I have a confession to make, which I will do so here:

You may not believe this but I did study to be a webmaster, until the code foiled me and I had to face reality – I’m just not a tekkie. It’s true, I’m not. I enjoy designing pages but the tekkie stuff is beyond me. It seems such a long time ago, but I do remember some html code and going into the Blogger template, things were coming back to me. So that is my confession. Please muffle your guffaws.

Despite my all capitals, cursing and flaming feedback to WordPress, the support group here was very helpful and once I had calmed down I was able to listen to what they had to say. That, along with some friendly advice from another site, helped me get my Blogger blog back.

Unlike blogger, it also has the option to be turned into a real webpage. I just have to find some sort of a web host – another decision I’m clueless about. But that’s another story.

I had originally created another blog on Blogger: but I found it too restrictive and it wouldn’t have been much different from Marilyn’s Royal Blog. Which wasn’t the point. I’m already familiar with Blogger and I wanted to try out something else.

Also, unlike WordPress which actually had someone respond to me, when I asked Blogger for help, it sent me a standard response to check the FAQ’s on their site. Not helpful.

So, here I am at WordPress. Hopefully Blogger will catch up to it.

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