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Leonid and Lizzie

Posted by Marilyn on February 28, 2006

Once upon a time there was a Soviet leader named Leonid Brezhnev. Burdened by his office, he decides to escape, and takes off in a hot-air balloon. For three days he searches for freedom, love, and for the Queen (Lizzie). When he lands, he befriends a group of gypsies, and confesses his love for Lizzie, who he is determined to marry. The gypsies decide to help Leonid, and they find Lizzie and bring her to him. Leonid and Lizzie gaze longingly into each others eyes…..

Want to know what happens next?

You’ll have to watch the movie to find out

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Posting here or there?

Posted by Marilyn on February 24, 2006

Now that I have another blog, which as you can see, I’m actively updating, I have a dilemma. When I write an article about royalty, where do I post it? Do I post it on Marilyn’s Royal Blog or here? I want this blog to be as ‘royal’ as possible so it would make sense to post it here, however I want to keep Marilyn’s Royal Blog as up-to-date as possible. Always good to maintain readership by keeping the blog current. Yet, I also want to keep this blog current too. What to do, what to do….

I obviously can’t post something like this on the other blog. It’s neither humourous, nor informative, it’s a comment on an internal dilemma, raging inside of me, which has no place there. *Sigh*

One of the reasons I created this blog was to try something different, try ideas which I might not otherwise think of doing – such as writing about the Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria. The articles have been a bit shorter, which is also something new for me, but it’s going to be hard when I write something which I feel would be perfect for both sites, the recent Prince William article is an example of that. It would have fit on the other blog but I thought I’d put it here, mainly because of the royal prolific challenge.

The challenge has been, well, challenging, it hasn’t been easy, and I have a new admiration for people who can and do post on a daily basis, especially when it’s original material. I’m going to continue working on becoming more prolific, but where I’ll post those articles will be anybodys guess. 🙂

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98 Posts and counting

Posted by Marilyn on February 23, 2006

Marilyn’s Royal Blog is fast approaching 100 posts! Hard to believe. When I started that blog in March of last year I had no idea what would happen. But I’m glad I did start it because it saved my sanity – quite literally. At the time I was at home, with a newborn, completely unfocused and, to be honest, depressed. I posted on the World of Royalty site, asking about opportunities to write about royalty, and the owner of the site, Cinderella, suggested starting a blog. And thus, Marilyn’s Royal Blog was born.

I truly enjoy writing about royalty, but sometimes I’m just not inspired, which is frustrating. Sometimes it’s a slow news day, sometimes the ideas just don’t come. But when I do finish an article and post it, it’s a truly amazing feeling. This blog has helped me to take my writing more seriously, and I’m working on taking it to the next level.

Here’s to another 98+ posts!

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Queen Victoria to rule the waves

Posted by Marilyn on February 22, 2006

The Queen Elizabeth 2 and the Queen Mary 2 are expecting a new sister and hopefully they won’t be jealous. In December 2007 Cunard will launch the Queen Victoria, the third of its Queen vessels. It’s debut will mark the first time in Cunard’s 167 year history that three Queen’s will be in service at the same time.

At 90,000 tons, Queen Victoria will be the second largest ‘Cundarder’ ever. It is presently being built in Italy, and it will be capable of handling 2000 passengers and a crew of 900. With a three-story lobby, 12 passenger decks, 1,007 state rooms, a conservatory and a 6000 book library, it is sure to outshine its sister ships.  

The Queen Victoria’s maiden voyage will take place on December 11, 2007.

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Interesting, but missed the boat

Posted by Marilyn on February 21, 2006

Today seems to be a very slow news day. Either that or my brain is not working, because nothing is jumping out at me to write about. It’s even worse when I look at the timestamp for this blog and see that the day is almost up! Of course it isn’t for me, I’m in Canada where it’s, at present, almost 5:00pm. So if you look at the timestamp and it says I posted at 4:00am, rest assured that I’m asleep in my bed, and not writing.

Sometimes I have this problem on my other blog. There will be some interesting articles and by the time I’ve thought of something to write about, it will be old news. It’s very frustrating. So I like to refer to these postings as “Interesting, but missed the boat” – maybe I should start a completely new category for those articles?

So far the Royal Prolific Challenge is working, and I’m even getting some other non-royal writing in, which I have to say I’m very proud of. Working on writing outside of my blog is a good feeling, submitting article ideas to magazines is even better. Becoming a freelance writer won’t be easy, and I’m certain there will be lots of bumps along the way, but if I can stick with it, then it might just be the start of something wonderful for me.

I have to feed my toddler and go make dinner now. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for royal news or maybe before the day is up, for me, I’ll be inspired.

Either way, fingers crossed.

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