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Mission Statement for all my blogs

Posted by Marilyn on January 31, 2006

I have an unposted mission for all of my blogs, specifically It’s to make the blog as informative as possible. Sometimes I’ve found, when I’ve searched other random blogs, that they don’t have a specific focus other than day to day happenings in the authors life.

With niche blogs, and I do consider marilynsroyalblog to be a niche blog, the focus is very much on the subject. One thing that I like about having this blog is that there is so much material, I could never run out of stuff to write about, which is wonderful. The subject is completely fascinating to me so that helps too.

But the point that I’m trying to get at is that I want to make the blogs interesting and informative. Royalty is much more than gossip and Prince Charles’ bald spot, although I’m not beyond satirizing the royals. I originally started with satire and then I branched out into articles on royal weddings and jewels, etc. Over time the blog became more interesting. If I can continue on that path then I’m accomplishing my mission.

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  1. Tahnks for posting

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