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Coming up with new material is hard to do

Posted by Marilyn on January 30, 2006

When you have three blogs on royalty it’s hard to come up with something unique to say.

I’m not trying to change the face of royal blogging, but it would be nice to have updates on this blog. People who perchance stumble across this, will find it worthwhile to take more than a cursory glance at it, before continuing on to more interesting and regularly updated blogs. Yes, I feel that I have a duty to the occassional visitor to update, even if it’s only to write filler postings such as this one, about how difficult it is to come up with anything interesting to say.

I enjoy writing about royalty, I’ve actually used the word LOVE (in capitals) to make it clear to all who don’t know or question the intensity of my interest. After all, you may ask (before heading on to more interesting blogs), if she claims to “LOVE” to write about royalty, why does she have three blogs. Of course, it’s admirable for her to have three blogs but why doesn’t she update them all? Isn’t it all pointless? Why waste my time, when I expected so much more in a royal blog?

I have no answer for my rhetorical imaginary musings of your thoughts and expectations. Other than this blog is still transfat, and calorie free and it smells nice too.

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