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Alternate wedding venues

Posted by Marilyn on March 18, 2005

Despite my disappointment at not being invited to Charles and Camilla’s wedding, I realized that distance might be a factor in their decision to not invite me. Now I like to consider myself an extremely helpful person so I have sourced some alternate places where they could hold their wedding and include me at the same time. Maybe the Guildhall is from the 17th century and seeped in history but that doesn’t mean that they can’t consider alternate arrangements. The wedding at the Guildhall will cost £285 which works out to $657.43 in Canadian dollars.

Charles, in Canada we have a fantasic location right at my front door: Niagara Falls. It’s not called the Honeymoon capital of the world for nothing! One venue that I have located includes stock ceremonies to choose from, a keepsake booklet, as well as various value added services:

I think that ‘The Sterling’ would be the best route to go, anything less and Camilla might think you’re cheap. Plus it comes complete with music, silk flowers and 6 postcards to send to family and friends that say “We were married in Niagara Falls at the Little Wedding Chapel” . I’ll bet you can’t get that at the Guildhall. Once the ceremony is over they could do some post-nuptual gambling at our casinos and afterwards do some cross border shopping.

If you don’t feel like the idea of coming to Canada, why not go to the United States? You don’t get nearly the same bang for buck when you work out the exchange rate but it looks like you have more options. They do have a location just as famous for weddings: Las Vegas. There are lots of places to get married there but the best known one (according to their website) is: The ‘Honeymooner’ ceremony might break the bank so I highly recommend the ‘Joan Collins’ special, (although the Michael Jordan package is very tempting). I wouldn’t have Elvis officiate as that’s just tacky. FYI Camilla, you can also rent a gown here; a very practical choice as you don’t have to clean it and find a place to store if afterwards. If you’re in a hurry to get back to Windsor Castle for the reception, you can always do a drive-thru ceremony . For those who can’t attend, like your parents (sorry, I didn’t mean to remind you), they can watch your ceremony via webcam on the internet.

If you still want the whole fairytale thing you can get married at Disneyland: Unlike Las Vegas which requires 24hours notice you will need to meet with the Disneyland wedding planners. With such short notice this might not be viable but you can always check, who knows…there might be a cancellation.

The one last option I’ve sourced is Jamaica: An incentive with this option is that ‘brides fly for free’. I would think that this wouldn’t be a problem for you but just in case Mummy doesn’t lend you one of the planes in her fleet, it’s something to be considered. Included in this option are wedding coordinators, flowers, officiant and wedding cake. A video tape of the ceremony is extra.

So, there you have it, venues that are both affordable and value added. I know that all of those extras are a bit mind boggling but choosing the right place will make it all the more memorable. Now that I’ve pointed out alternate places, I await your invitation.

© Marilyn Braun 2005

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