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It started with a dream…

Posted by Marilyn on March 11, 2005

I’m on maternity leave until October 2005 and I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I’ve had several jobs working in an office and I’ve hated each one of them. Getting paid to keep the seat warm just isn’t my cup of tea and the idea of going back to a job like that is about as exciting as watching grass grow. So, last night my husband suggested I combine my passionate interest in British royalty with gainful employment. The gainful employment part will (hopefully) come later. Would someone actually pay me to write about royalty, to answer questions on royalty? Who knows? I can dream can’t I?

So, I have a favorite website that I check religiously for all things happening in the world of royalty –, an absolutely fantastic site. There are many many people who post on the message board and they blow me away with their immense knowledge of world royalty. Although I’ve learnt a lot about world royalty and developed an interest in Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Belgium, Danish, Japanese ( get the idea) my main interest is in British royalty. Today I posted asking about how to get a job related to royalty and the webmaster suggested I create my own blog. Having hid under a rock for the last 33 years, I had no clue what a ‘blog’ was so the helpful people at showed me the way and here I am today. Dreams do come true

6 Responses to “It started with a dream…”

  1. Cinderella said

    Thank you for the kind comments, and congratulations on your lovely new blog! I know I’m going to be a regular reader.

  2. Well done Marilyn,

    Best wishes with your Blog, it great. I look forward to reading it in the future.
    Dame Margaret

  3. Ian Richardson said

    Dreams have power – look at Napoleon & Ch’i huang-di & the Viet sisters ! you just never know & yes it does pay to advertise …

  4. Anonymous said

    Whats the diffs between a ‘House’ and a Dynasty?

  5. Anonymous said

    Sorry – I’m new to this and published too soon. What is The Queen’s House, Dynasty and surname?


    Scott Scott

  6. Ian Richardson said

    well Scott Scott, Marilyn would tell you that the Queen’s House & Dynasty & surname are Windsor – King George V decided this in 1917 when it was decided that the British Royal Family needed a proper British name instead of the German one they were presumed to have [ Saxe-Coburg-Gotha ]

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